Last days my sisters Rabeeya & Madiha were niggling me to read there favourite book ” THE SECRET”… as per her wish I did it, figured it… concluded and I wonder I revealed a secret from ‘ THE SECRET” and that is “ISAM”, the teachings of Islam.. Image

This book is about “The Law OF Attraction” it say,  think positive,  wish for what you want really, pray for it and leave the rest to the entity which is much more powerful than we humans.. There is a power who is pompous. Believe and have trust in him, sooner or later he will give you what you prayed for what you actually wanted.

From your whole day, have some time for yourself and for your desires. Think of that…, feel that u Have it.. Never give up. Never say NO..or i can’t do that either  find ways and you  will see lots of it.. now get back to your work… leave the rest upon him. He will make impossible, possible for you.

Be thankful and grateful to him, say thanks several times a day..

Be what you actually want to be… and you will be like that soon.
All these are the teachings of Islam.. written in QURAN  and taught by the Holy prophet MUHAMMAD (S.A.W). Islam teaches us to have faith in ALLAH who is the one and only creator.. we thank him 5 times a day by namaz and several times by heart. we ask him and pray him for our wishes and desires and leave the rest upon him and I swear.. he capitulate. It really gives us mental satisfaction and peace inside 🙂


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